Biodegradable and Reusable Products to Minimize Waste Production

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There is a wide array of reusable and biodegradable products to make your home a green haven for your whole family. From reusable water bottles to cloth napkins and solar candles, there are plenty of products that reduce pollution and help us to cut back on useless waste.

Reusable Products

If you are a fan of Chinese or Thai cuisine, you can buy a pair of reusable chopsticks to enjoy your sushi lunch. Collapsible chopsticks are easy to carry around and can be reused. They are typically made from bamboo or wood. The problem is that each year more than 60 million disposable chopsticks find their way to the trash can in China alone. Join the Bring Your Chopsticks movement and pack your own pair when dining out.

Other reusable products include plastic bags, corks, wet-wipe containers, and milk cartons. There are many reasons to reuse plastic bags – they contain fossil fuels, do not decompose, and cause animals and birds to suffocate. One way to reuse a plastic bag is to place it in a trash can in the cellar, bedroom, or bathroom. You can also use bags for packaging when sending a package or gift to family or friends or selling something on EBay. The best way to reuse plastic bags is to donate them to a charity, non-for-profit, or thrift store. In this way, you will help reduce waste production as you will prevent charities from purchasing new bags. Other items to reuse include boxes, bubble wrap, air pillows, and packing peanuts. You can bring them to the recycling center in your area or the post office so that others are able to use them. Other items to reuse include cans, candle stubs, calendar pictures, cookie sheet, coat hangers, felt hats, and so on.

Biodegradable and Recyclable Products and Repurposed Materials

If you have a garden, biodegradable pots are a great choice. They break down and decompose once placed in the soil and supply vital nutrients. Pots are offered in different sizes, configurations, and designs and contribute to plant growth. You can choose from peat pots, round and square pots, hanging baskets, patio planters, and many others. There are products for your home and kitchen as well. How about a recyclable cutting board? You can choose a board that is made from recycled milk jugs, for example. And you don’t need to buy lamps, pieces of art, and decoration to give a unique look to your home. You can use a globe to make a lamp shade or wine and beer bottles to create a chandelier. To make a chandelier, attach a cord and spray paint the bottles. You can also make a half globe lamp shade by using hot glue, double fold bias tape, craft paint, and a light bulb. Of course, you will also need an old globe. You will find plenty of repurposed materials like these that will give your kitchen a complete makeover.

There are plenty of disposable products for your home, including plastic yogurt containers, butter wrappers, swim diapers, spice mills, and cardboard egg cartons.

Recycled Glass and Rubber and Other Products

Recycled rubber is used to produce different home products such as rubber floor mats, rugs, and flooring. Some companies also manufacture athletic surfaces and running tracks. Recycled glass is less expensive than regular glass and you can use it for your bathroom or kitchen remodels or your home renovation project. It is used in flooring and instead of ceramic tiles. Other green products include reclaimed wood, salvaged doors and windows, recycled tires, reclaimed bricks, and others. Reclaimed bricks can be used in different ways and are a great choice for your patio, porch, or walkway. You can use them to enhance your home interior or to remodel your driveway. Reclaimed wood can be found in different places, for example, old barns, tear downs, wholesale outlets, pickle vats, granaries, and others. There is an array of products made from reclaimed wood, including mantels, coffee tables, countertops, floors, and so on.

Kitchen Remodels and Countertops

If you plan a kitchen remodel, you can choose from a selection of green countertops made from post-consumer recycled paper, cement and glass, recycled glass, and other low-emitting materials. Some companies use fibrous-cement mixes to create beautiful countertops that resemble limestone or soapstone. Others use diverse materials such as stone, porcelain, ash rocks, mirror, recycled glass, as well as post-industrial and post-consumer content. Recycled materials are also used in combination with quartz filler, natural quartz, and other materials.

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