Smart Business Ideas for Environmentally Conscious Entrepreneurs

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There are many profitable business ideas for environmentally conscious entrepreneurs. From making organic products and handcrafts to eco consulting, you can start a successful business.

Organic and Handmade Products

You can use organic materials to produce cleaning solutions, soaps, facial masks, scrubs, and others. From body lotions and tints to massage bars, deodorants, dusting powders, and body butters, there are different organic products. They are made from lemon oil, lavender oil, ground almonds and rice, shea and cocoa butter, and other ingredients. You can advertise your products as organic and preservative-free.

Eco Consulting

Another idea is to start a consulting business, especially if you are expert on green lifestyle, eco-tourism, energy-efficient devices, solar panels, and innovative insulation and construction materials and technologies. The role of consultants is to evaluate office buildings, residential homes, and rented accommodation and offer environmentally friendly solutions such as recycling, composting, interior design, and others. You may want to become certified so that you gain credibility.


You can make upcycled furniture as well as pieces from recycled materials. You can re-assemble sofas, dressers, coffee and dining tables, and wardrobes and then repaint them. Another option is to make customized or unique pieces from recycled wood and sustainable materials such as bamboo and reclaimed and repurposed wood. You may also use FSC-certified lumber. Another idea is to buy and resell vintage painted furniture and antiques. Some items may contain lead, however. If you are adept at this, you may start a business that focuses on restoring and refinishing antiques. Or you can use the services of an expert.

Becoming a Vendor

More and more people are going green, adopting a healthy lifestyle and eating habits. The organic market is a great niche to make money. If you have a large plot of land, you can plant vegetables and fruits and market them as organic and naturally grown. Most farmers use conventional marketing methods which will give you a competitive edge.

Green Cleaning

You can start your own business that uses innovative technologies and organic solutions. You may want to advertise your business as a one-stop solution that will meet your customers’ cleaning requirements, from heavy-duty chores to domestic and office cleaning, after party and one-off cleaning, ironing, and more. You can either offer attractive service packages or charge an hourly rate.


Another option is to start a recycling business. Many households and businesses have bins for plastic bags and cans, glass bottles, paper, and other items. However, batteries, electronics, and large household appliances are not recycled properly in many cases. This is a great niche for an eco-friendly business. You may offer to collect broken, defunct, and old items such as mobile phones, laptops, computers, TVs, alarm clocks, and kitchen appliances. You can charge a flat fee, by weight, or per item, depending on the item to be collected and the location.


This is also a great business idea, especially if you have a large garden. You can create compost and advertise it as nutrient-rich, organic, and free of chemicals. A compost pile contains essential nutrients that are readily available to crops. Unlike conventional fertilizers, nutrients are released slowly instead of in one intense and powerful flush. The compost pile is also packed with micronutrients that are important for plant growth and are not available in conventional products. Make sure your clients are familiar with the benefits of composting. This is organic matter that considerably reduces the irrigation needs in many industries. It reduces soil sealing and facilitates the infiltration of water, air, and nutrients deep into the soil.

Other Business Ideas

There are plenty of business ideas to consider. You can start a green flash sales, shopping, or authority website. There are also carpooling, membership, and coach websites. Some businesses also feature wind- and solar-powered technologies as well as eco-friendly clothes, pet supplies, and more. And you can offer high-tech energy saving devices, green applications, travel packages for eco-friendly tourism, and so on.

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