Solar Power Creates Jobs and Sustainable Communities

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Solar power is used to produce electricity through a variety of innovative and conventional technologies such as photovoltaics, cells, heating devices, and others. Solar towers and systems and also used.

Energy for Households and Residential Units

There are different ways to maximize energy production and conservation at home. Homeowners increasingly rely on sun-powered attic fans, air conditioning, water heaters, and other appliances. At the same time, there are some facts to consider before buying sun-powered devices. One is whether the household meets the requirements for a feed in tariff. This will allow excess electricity to go back to the local grid. Changes in the rate and tariff structure are another factor. A new meter may be required as well. The cost of the equipment is also an important consideration. The price varies depending on the size, material, and other factors. It can be as low as $60 for a 5-watt panel and as high as several thousand dollars.

Technologies for Commercial Facilities

There are commercial solar systems that are designed for businesses. These systems vary in size and design. Manufacturers offer carport and ground systems and flat roof and sloped roof systems. Sloped roof systems are designed for low penetration and membrane or torch down roofs. They are also suitable for corrugated steel, tile, composition, and metal seam roofs. This is a type of low penetration system for commercial units. Flat roof systems are another variety that can be installed on flat, concrete, standing metal, and other kinds of roofs. This is a type of a ballasted system. Ground mount systems come in many varieties, including custom engineered, multi-pole, and tracking products. Manufacturers also offer adjustable, ballasted, and penetrated systems. Businesses can choose from different options, from self-ballasted and low-penetration to multi-pole adjustable and low profile systems. Low-penetration systems, for example, are ideal for transforming solar power and work for large and small photovoltaics. Finally, businesses can choose from different carport mounting systems such as custom solar shade, scalable, pre-fabricated, and custom car parks. These systems are designed for solar farms and projects. Manufacturers also feature three-line and single electrical drawings, along with grid-tie inverters and panels or modules. A wide selection of materials is used to make the panels, including different types of semiconductor materials.

Other Uses

Sun-powered devices are the preferred choice for events and happenings that require a temporary source of electricity. They are ideal for initial stages of real estate developments, Olympics, sports games, mining and extraction sites, fairs, and others.


Solar energy is a low-cost source of energy, but the effectiveness of photovoltaics, cells, and systems depends on climate and location. A sunny location like Florida or Columbia, North Carolina receives more sunlight on average (5.5 hours). In contrast, cloudy locations receive two times less on average. Some people think that sun-powered systems produce energy during the day but not at night. This is true for some technologies only. Systems that integrate batteries and electric modules supply energy 24/7. The usual components of sun-powered systems include a support structure, charge controller, battery, inverter, module, and wiring.

Solar Energy uses and Benefits

Obviously, the main advantage of solar power is that it is an infinite source of energy. It replaces expensive fossil fuels such as coal. Moreover, the production facilities operate with fewer workers than coal plants and other facilities. This means that less operational labor is required. In fact, solar energy is less expensive considering the fact that coal and gas production and transportation costs add up. Fossil fuels and oil are transported internationally and domestically, and this incurs road and highway wear and tear costs, pollution costs, and a lot more. As an added advantage, there are systems that generate electricity off the grid. This means that they are not connected to the local grid. Sun-powered systems of this type can be used to a good purpose in rural, remote, and isolated areas. It is very expensive to install power lines to connect such areas to the grid. Another problem is that remote regions suffer from frequent power-cuts.

The development of new sun-powered technologies also creates jobs in many countries. The sector has added more than 100,000 jobs in Europe, from policy development and implementation to research and design, repairs and maintenance, and monitoring. Workers are also involved in the installation and production of solar panels and cells. More jobs will be created in the foreseeable future. Today, the industry accounts for about 4 percent of the total electricity production around the world. The share of the solar energy sector is expected to increase which means that employment is sustainable. The sector will survive the global financial crisis.

Solar energy can be used in different ways – for heating, ventilation, cooking, battery charging, and a lot more. It is also used by the local authorities. Some speed cameras, for example, are sun-powered. There are satellites and telescopes that utilize solar energy as well. Sun-powered systems and appliances are especially beneficial in remote regions such as the North Pole. The facilities there depend on powerful wind turbines and photovoltaic systems. Solar power is used in the large cities as well. While many households have installed PVs, utility companies are heavily investing in sophisticated technologies for electricity production. This means that they use a diverse energy mix to generate electricity.

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