Green Janitorial Supplies for Toxic-free Workplace Environment

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Janitorial cleaning supplies are intended for commercial and industrial properties and help keep the workplace safe and clean. There are many green products on the market, including floor cleaners and finishes, sprayer bottles, duty scrubs, floor squeegees, and others.

Types of Green Janitorial Supplies

Eco manufacturers offer a selection of industrial cleaning supplies, including washers, drain openers, sanitizers, cleaning towels and cloths, and bathroom cleaners. The array of products includes glass and general purpose cleaners, metal polishes and cleaners, kitchen detergents, and specialty products. There are hundreds of environmentally friendly commercial cleaning solutions and janitorial supplies that help businesses promote social consciousness and maintain a healthy and safe environment. Commercial solutions and detergents remove dirt, grime, and grease and are offered by top brands.

Prohibited Substances

There are prohibited substances that are unsafe for human health. The list of prohibited substances includes inorganic phosphates, chlorine bleach, ethylene glycol ethers, carcinogens, and others. Some substances are highly combustible and highly corrosive, and there are products that contain volatile organic compounds. Unsafe substances increase the risk for health problems such as chronic and acute toxicity, respiratory problems, skin irritation, endocrine disruption, and so on. Avoid products that contain unsafe substances and choose products with biodegradable packaging that are non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, and non-allergenic. Many green manufacturers also offer janitorial supplies with low aquatic toxicity. Products are also assessed based on factors such as the use of renewable energy (solar panels, wind, biomass, and hydropower), renewable and recycled content, compostability, toxicity, and others.

Janitorial supplies that contain oral toxicity chemicals, sensitizing substances, ammonium compounds, and synthetic chemicals are unsafe for human health. The same goes for reactive compounds, reproductive toxins, and genotoxins. Unlike them, green cleaning supplies contain no harmful chemicals and metals, including nickel, mercury, cobalt, cadmium, and arsenic. They are non-toxic to humans, pets, and aquatic life. Some products also contain minimum bio or plant-based content such as vegetable cellulose and other ingredients. They meet quality standards and environmental regulations. The goal is to reduce pollution, improve quality of life, and prevent health problems due to environmental exposures.

Labels and What to Look For

Environmentally friendly products come with reduced packaging and no or little VOCs. Manufacturers offer products with no skin irritants, artificial fragrances, and dyes, except for chemicals that are included for safety purposes. Reduced flammability is another feature, along with reduced bio-concentration. The packaging is often made from recycled materials while green solutions contain no harmful compounds, chemicals, and ozone depleting substances. When choosing cleaning supplies, it is important to estimate the hard floor area and carpeted area. Inquire about the products and practices as well as the amounts used. Consider factors such as the age of the building, whether there are metal trims, the types of interior glass partitions, and others. Depending on the size, age, and other factors, you can buy green cleaning supplies such as drain maintainers, spray deodorants, tube and basin cleaners, nonacid bowl cleaners, and others. There is a selection of carpet care products such as chewing gum removers, shampoos, and traffic lane cleaners. Manufacturers also offer hard floor care products such as baseboard strippers, floor finishes, floor cleaners, sealers, and mop sprays. Some products contain chemicals; so, check the logo and label to see if they contain safe chemicals. There are environmental standards for aerosols, adhesive removers, bleaches, and biological-based products.


Manufacturers recommend using mop heads for metal components, restrooms, and glass doors and windows. It is also a good idea to use microfiber mops for restoration, cleaning, and dust mopping.

Benefits for Businesses

Ecologically friendly janitorial supplies are water-dilutable, naturally-derived, and pH-neutral. They are free of fuming solvents and can be used to remove stains, spills, and dirt from many different surfaces. This means that green products are as effective as conventional cleaning solutions. They are also intended for different types of application systems and come in different sizes and packaging. Many products are eco certified which makes them safe for employees and workers who spend long hours at the workplace. Green cleaning products are often inexpensive which makes them an affordable alternative to conventional janitorial products.

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